Bundaberg Brand Design

The design challenge was to make the old fashioned brand fashionable again.

The world of soft drinks has changed a lot since 1960 when Bundaberg Brewed Drinks starting brewing. In order to achieve growth and reinvigorate the brand, Bundaberg asked us to develop a new design for their packaging, leveraging their use of real ingredients and their old-school craft brewing process, which is what makes Bundaberg brewed to be better.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Packaging

The team developed a fresh and contemporary design that spanned their entire drinks portfolio. The re-design of the range and transition of all products into the 375ml stubby bottle has had a significant impact in market; attracting a new younger audience whilst remaining relevant to their loyal customers both locally and in over 32 countries around the world.

Bundaberg Packaging Range
Bundaberg Branding
Bundaberg 4 pack Branding
Bundaberg Testimonial
Packaging Design before and after