Plaistowe Brand Design

Do something different with a product that is superior* and internationally awarded.

Plaistowe was losing relevance on shelf amongst the Nestle Baking and Cadbury brands, as it wasn’t doing anything different. Seen as an opportunity to elevate it to a premium level, we tackled the project head on and challenged the norm, to ensure it was viewed by both shoppers and consumers as the only truly premium option in the category given its superiority based on sensory testing and international awards.

* based on sensory testing

Plaistowe Packaging Design

We built a distinctive and proprietary brandmark for Plaistowe, delivered on premium appetite appeal and showcased modern, aspirational & inspirational cues to make it uniquely recognisable as Plaistowe. We also injected through visual cues, credibility and trust to reinforce Plaistowe uses only the finest ingredients

Plaistowe Range
Plaistowe Before and After