SAXA Brand Design

Making sense of the architecture and showing clearly the range of salts that an iconic Australian brand has on offer.

Working closely with Cerebos we were asked to make sense from a shopper perspective of the Saxa range, whilst contemporising and not losing brand recognition. As part of the project we were also asked to add value and functionality to the premium Saxa salt flakes to take on the number 1 in the market Molden.

SAXA Packaging Design

A consistent brand mark was redrawn and a device created to communicate Saxa’s point of difference to its competitors; the fact it was salt from Australia.
Clean simple graphics across the range were used along with the brands iconic blue, to communicate the pure nature of the product with clear communication for the usage of each product within the range.

SAXA Bottle Design

Along with creating a more contemporary shape for the grinder, a new box was developed to add functionality and a competitive edge over Molden.
Within a year of launch Saxa Salt Flakes increased its market share by 39.3% and took the number one spot of Molden in the Australian market.

SAXA Illustrations
SAXA range