Smartberries brand design

Create a recognizable brand that can span across a full range of fresh fruit and fruit snack products.

Smartberries was a new company looking to become a major category player in the Fresh Fruit category of the local supermarket. In 2015 Smartberries launched a premium brand of fresh blueberries into the Australian market showcasing their larger, sweeter, crunchier and more superior product in the packaging we designed in conjunction with them.

In the fresh fruit category, brand presence and recognition is practically non-existent. Smartberries saw this as an opportunity to become a recognizable brand in the shoppers mind.

Smartberries packaging design
Smart Raspberries Design

The product spoke for itself in its see through packaging container, however in an already cluttered environment, the brand blocking was important and so was keeping the design clean and simple. We also extended the new look and feel across their collateral for the launch into market.

Smartberries range of branding
Smart Berries Testimonial